Engage teams and reduce attrition with

A white-collar experience for blue-collar teams.
Improve hiring, retention, and productivity.

Better benefits for worker well-being


Smoothen the transition for
migrant workers by providing
hostel facilities.
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Access to telemedicine and Occupational Health Centres for workers and their families.


Improve financial wellness with insurance, policy distribution, and claim support.

Tools & Equipment

Improve productivity and safety at the workplace for all categories of workers.


Advance salaries and working capital loans to improve financial wellness.

Benefits of choosing

Why ?

The SAHI app educates workers and leads them through the process of accessing benefits, making the entire process cost-efficient, smooth, and trackable.
SAHI’s experience of working with field forces, blue-collar, and grey-collar workforces helps us hand-hold teams through the entire process.
Pre-negotiated rates and customised packages make it a breeze to roll out benefits through SAHI.
Enabling 100+ businesses to boost worker engagement
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