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Linking worker's productivity and wage growth to corporate gains.

is a division of LabourNet.

As an organization that has operated at the intersection of social impact and business performance for over 14 years, LabourNet exists to link the unemployed to work opportunities, the under-employed to skilling opportunities, and boost productivity to fuel business opportunities. SAHI has been conceived by LabourNet to reimagine how organizations adapt to evolving flexi-workforce models.

SAHI takes an organization-centric approach, aligning our capabilities with the priorities of growth, productivity, and margins. The platform helps organizations to scale exponentially while staying asset-light and 100% compliant. At the same time, SAHI is also built to bring wage-growth, better benefits and financial security to the labour force.

To learn how LabourNet empowers the informal sector and creates sustainable livelihoods through education, entrepreneurship, and employment, visit our main website

We're built to create value


Scale Skill-Matched Jobs:

Securing work that aligns with your skills consistently.

Fair Compensation:

Guaranteeing fair pay for your hard work.

Career Opportunities:

Accessing better companies and fulfilling work engagements.

Skills Upgrade:

Bridging skill gaps, opening lifelong learning pathways.

Empowerment & Community:

Becoming a successful micro-entrepreneur and joining a community of happy workers.


Agile Talent Acquisition:

On-demand, specialized sourcing and attrition risk mitigation.

Operational Efficiency:

Enhancing performance, reducing costs, utilizing emerging technologies.

Workforce Fulfilment:

Promoting outcome-based staffing, embracing gig culture.

Skills Development:

Building lasting success through workforce enablement and upskilling.

Risk Management:

Ensuring compliance and mitigating operational risks.


Rajesh A R
Chief Executive Officer
Ashish Jhunjhunwala SAHIwork Business
Krishna Rao V V
Marketing & Growth
Saritha TP
Human Resources
Gayathri Vasudevan
Gayathri Vasudevan Promoter & Chairperson
Naveen Narayan
SAHIskills and SAHIenablement Businesses
Raju Velayudhan
Technology & Platform
Arun Pingaley
Information & Analytics
Romesh Advani
Rajkumar K

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