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Innovative Staffing Solutions for Manufacturing Growth

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Efficient staffing solutions are changing the way we think about growth in the manufacturing industry. 

For top management and HR professionals, navigating the complexities of workforce management is a strategic imperative. 

The manufacturing sector, inherently dynamic and often unpredictable, demands a staffing approach that is 

  • Both agile and robust 
  • Capable of adapting to fluctuating demands 
  • In-tune with technological advancements.

Enter SAHI, a blue-collar recruiter with a wide reach across multiple states and in 12,000+ pin codes. It offers a solution in this challenging landscape. 

SAHI’s prowess in staffing scalability and flexible staffing solutions has redefined the parameters of workforce management in manufacturing. The ability to rapidly deploy a skilled workforce, attuned to the specific needs of a manufacturing setup, is no small feat. 

It requires a deep understanding of the sector’s nuances and a proactive approach to manpower recruitment.

We will explore this and more in the following sections.

What Does Innovative Staffing Mean For HR Heads?

For HR leaders, the quest for a workforce solution that balances cost-effectiveness with efficiency often leads to the doors of temporary staffing or contract staffing agencies. 

However, SAHI stands apart in this crowded market. As an on-demand staffing agency, SAHI specialises in providing tailor-made solutions that meet immediate staffing requirements and align with long-term business objectives.

The manufacturing sector’s reliance on a skilled workforce is well-acknowledged. 

But finding and maintaining this workforce, especially in times of peak demand or for specialised tasks, can be daunting. 

This is where SAHI’s innovative approach to workforce solutions comes into play. By offering a pool of pre-skilled and vetted candidates, SAHI alleviates the pain points of manufacturing HR management. 

It ensures that the industry’s staffing needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Understanding the Dynamic Staffing Needs in Manufacturing Today

The manufacturing sector in India, a key driver of the economy, faces significant challenges in staffing, particularly in maintaining scalability and flexibility. 

This issue is further enhanced by the rapidly changing landscape of manufacturing. Now, technological advancements and market demands require a workforce that is skilled and adaptable.

A pressing issue in the Indian manufacturing sector is the acute shortage of skilled labour. 

There is a shortage of workers across industries, with manufacturing being particularly affected. 

This shortage is attributed to several factors, including the reluctance of migrant labourers to return to urban centres due to the ongoing pandemic threat and other socio-economic factors​​.

Data from the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) further illuminates this challenge. It reveals that employment in the sector fell by 1.7% in FY22 from pre-pandemic levels. 

The labour force itself shrank by 1.5%, and the number of unemployed people increased by 1.2% during the same period​​. 

These figures highlight a paradoxical situation where job vacancies exist amidst a pool of unemployed individuals. Thus, it points to a mismatch between available skills and industry requirements.

The manufacturing industry is also characterised by seasonal peaks in demand, which necessitate a flexible staffing approach. 

However, the existing labour pool, largely informal and lacking adequate social security, often fails to meet these demands. 

As reported by Rajiv Khandelwal of Aajeevika Bureau, 89% of all workers in India are in informal employment. And a significant portion of regular wage/salaried jobs lack social security​​. 

This situation leads to a “job quality crisis,” where workers are reluctant to take up low-quality, poorly paid jobs in urban areas​​.

The aftermath of the 2020 lockdown and the ensuing distress migration further complicated the staffing landscape. MS Unnikrishnan from IIT-Bombay-Monash Research Academy notes that the traumatic experiences of migrant workers during this period have led to a reluctance to return to urban jobs.

Approximately 11.4 million migrants returned to their rural homes in 2020, leading to a significant labour deficit in urban centres, where most manufacturing units are located​​.

These challenges underscore the need for innovative staffing solutions that can address the unique requirements of the manufacturing sector, particularly in terms of scalability and flexibility. This is where SAHI’s role becomes crucial, offering solutions that bridge the gap between the demand for skilled labour and the available workforce.

Tailored Staffing Strategies by SAHI and How it Helps

SAHI, a leader in workforce solutions, has carved a niche in the domain of staffing solutions, in multiple sectors. 

As a blue-collar recruiter, SAHI recognizes the unique challenges of this industry and offers customised staffing strategies that align perfectly with the dynamic needs of manufacturing units. 

These strategies are more than about filling positions because they are about understanding the core requirements of each role and matching them with the ideal candidate. This meticulous approach ensures that each placement is a fit and a strategic addition to the workforce.

SAHI stands out by integrating modern techniques into its staffing processes, streamlining everything from sourcing to payroll. 

In other words, SAHI utilises the latest tools and vast database of blue-collar workers to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of its staffing services. 

This allows for a more refined candidate selection, ensuring that only the most suitable individuals are chosen. 

Such an approach is particularly beneficial in addressing the skilled labour shortages in the manufacturing sector. It ensures that candidates with the requisite skills and experience are identified and deployed in the relevant areas.

Understanding the need for flexibility in staffing, especially to manage peak-season demands in manufacturing, requires flexible staffing models. 

These models range from temporary staffing to contract staffing, catering to the on-demand staffing needs of the industry.

This flexibility is crucial in managing the ebbs and flows of manufacturing demands, providing businesses with the agility to scale their workforce up or down as needed. Furthermore, SAHI’s manpower recruitment agency capabilities ensure that companies have access to a pool of pre-skilled and vetted candidates, ready to be deployed swiftly and efficiently.

In summary, SAHI’s innovative staffing solutions are a testament to its understanding and expertise in workforce management. 

By combining tailored staffing strategies and flexible workforce models, SAHI is redefining staffing in the manufacturing sector.

Case Study: Ather Energy’s Workforce Revolution with SAHI

Ather Energy, a leading name in India’s burgeoning electric vehicle sector, has been at the forefront of producing cutting-edge electric scooters. 

Their commitment to sustainable transport solutions has earned them the position of the fifth-largest electric two-wheeler manufacturer in India. 

Another prominent initiative, Ather Grid, is India’s largest electric vehicle charging network. 

Based in Hosur, a strategic location for manufacturing and distribution, Ather Energy faced significant challenges in manpower management, a critical aspect of maintaining its innovative momentum in the industry.

The core challenge for Ather Energy was the shortage of manpower inefficiencies and difficulties in overseeing the apprenticeship program. This was particularly apparent in areas critical to the operation of their manufacturing hub in Hosur. 

It had trouble ensuring timely and accurate payroll processing for their staff, which threatened to impede their smooth administration process.

To address these challenges, SAHI deployed a two-pronged approach:

NAPS Onboarding for Candidates 

Recognizing the criticality of efficient onboarding, SAHI stationed a team of expert ‘implants’ at the Hosur site. This team was responsible for facilitating the seamless integration of candidates into the NAPS scheme. 

  • They collected comprehensive data on apprentices 
  • Processed their applications efficiently 
  • Ensured smooth enrollment 

This direct engagement with apprentices by SAHI’s on-site team was pivotal in ensuring a streamlined entry into the NAPS scheme, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the process.

Apprenticeship Temping and Payrolling 

Utilising its extensive network and deep understanding of workforce management, SAHI efficiently sourced and managed a pool of skilled apprentices for Ather Energy. 

This involved identifying potential candidates and ensuring that they were the right fit for Ather Energy’s specific requirements. 

SAHI’s role extended beyond sourcing to include managing the apprentices’ payroll, a critical aspect of workforce management.

The collaboration between Ather Energy and SAHI yielded significant outcomes:

  • Efficient Workforce Management: Through the apprenticeship temping program, SAHI effectively managed the payroll of over 222 candidates, showcasing its capability in large-scale workforce management.
  • Shorter Onboarding Time: SAHI’s on-site support in handling NAPS onboarding processes led to considerable time savings for Ather Energy, streamlining a typically complex procedure.
  • Simplified Talent Acquisition: SAHI’s targeted approach in sourcing skilled apprentices simplified the recruitment process for Ather Energy, ensuring a workforce equipped with the necessary skill sets.
  • Optimised Operations: The partnership allowed Ather Energy to focus on its core competencies, with SAHI adeptly handling the intricacies of apprenticeship management and payroll processing.

This case study demonstrates SAHI’s effectiveness as a staffing solutions provider. It’s capable of addressing immediate staffing challenges and contributing to the long-term operational success of its clients in the manufacturing sector.

Why SAHI’s Solutions Stand Out in The Manufacturing Domain

SAHI's Staffing Solutions

SAHI distinguishes itself through a blend of innovation, efficiency, and effectiveness. 

As a blue-collar recruiter and a workforce solution provider, it offers a comprehensive approach to staffing challenges, addressing the core needs of businesses.

One of SAHI’s standout features is its ability to rapidly deploy a skilled workforce. 

This is critical in industries like manufacturing, where time is of the essence, and production schedules are tight. 

SAHI’s extensive network and efficient staffing processes enable quick placement of manpower, ensuring that companies can meet their production targets without delay. 

Such a rapid deployment capability is a boon, especially when handling peak season demands or urgent project requirements.

SAHI understands that workforce needs in manufacturing can be highly variable. 

To cater to this, SAHI offers flexible staffing models, ranging from temporary staffing to contract staffing. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their workforce up or down as per demand, without the burden of long-term fixed labour costs. 

It’s an approach that enables companies to stay agile and responsive to market changes, a critical factor in maintaining competitiveness.

Finding the right talent is a major challenge in the manufacturing sector, particularly when it comes to specialised skills. 

SAHI addresses this by providing access to a pool of pre-skilled, thoroughly vetted candidates. This ensures that the manpower brought in is not just qualified but is also the right fit for the company’s specific requirements. 

The pre-skilling of candidates also means reduced training time, allowing them to be productive from day one.

Cost-efficiency is a key factor in any business operation, and staffing is no exception. 

SAHI’s solutions are designed to be cost-effective, providing high-quality staffing services without burdening the company’s financial resources. Additionally, compliance with labour laws and regulations is a critical aspect of workforce management. 

It ensures that all staffing solutions are fully compliant with legal requirements, mitigating any potential risks for the company.

In conclusion, SAHI’s staffing solutions stand out for their ability to 

  • Rapidly deploy skilled workers 
  • Offer workforce flexibility 
  • Provide access to pre-skilled candidates
  • Ensure cost-efficiency and compliance. 

These factors make SAHI an ideal partner for businesses looking to optimise their staffing strategies in the manufacturing sector.

Redefining Staffing in The Modern-Day Manufacturing Sector

SAHI has established itself as a pivotal player in transforming the landscape of manufacturing staffing. 

Through its innovative and holistic approach, SAHI has redefined how workforce solutions are delivered, placing a strong emphasis on meeting the dynamic needs of the manufacturing sector. 

Its ability to seamlessly integrate modern solutions with a human-centred approach to staffing sets it apart, ensuring that each solution is tailored to the unique requirements of its clients.

SAHI’s role in the industry goes beyond just filling vacancies. It extends to creating a workforce ecosystem that is adaptable, skilled, and efficient. 

This enhances the operational capabilities of manufacturing units and contributes significantly to growth and scalability. By prioritising rapid deployment, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness, SAHI has demonstrated its commitment to providing effective solutions. 

In a sector where the right staffing decisions can have far-reaching impacts, SAHI stands as a reliable and forward-thinking partner. Its contributions to the manufacturing sector, particularly in terms of providing skilled, flexible, and compliant staffing solutions, have been transformative. 

For businesses looking to navigate the complexities of staffing in manufacturing, SAHI offers a pathway marked by ease, effectiveness, and enduring success.

Elevate Your Manufacturing Operations with SAHI 

Expert staffing solutions for all your business needs. 

For tailored, efficient, and compliant workforce management, reach out to SAHI today. Embrace the power of flexibility and skill in your workforce – contact us for all your staffing needs. 

Let’s revolutionise your manufacturing success together. 

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